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Westmount, Québec, Canada

Gothic-style row home restoration & modernization

This unique heritage home was designed by J. Omer Marchand, the first Canadian architect to graduate from l'École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, in the late 1800s or early 1900s. Although Gothic in style, the materials used meant it was considered modern for the time. To accommodate their family more comfortably, the owners wished to modernize the interior. All original woodwork was restored. 



Gothic-style construction featuring lead windows


All wood was completely restored to its original glory

Living room

Light fixtures imported from France add a modern edge and catch the eye

Fireplace detail

The fireplace was sandblasted to restore its original glory

Dining room

The crystal light fixture is a bridge between modern and traditional


All millwork was restored and LED lights recessed into the mouldings, to keep lines clean while adding brightness to the area


Minimalistic ¼” thick countertop respects the clean, chic character of the kitchen

A custom-built glass pantry features LED lights to showcase crystal and china

Staircase upstairs

Plaster mouldings, millwork and the skylight were all restored to their original beauty

Master bathroom

Mirror and stainless steel finishes with stainless steel inlaid in wall

Master bedroom closet

Old meets new when a modern closet blends with classic mouldings

Children's room

A custom-built banquette window and restored original mouldings

Children's en suite

Door handle detail

Original 19th century hardware was restored

Wall detail

Original 19th century moulding with contemporary light fixture

Dining room

All original millwork was restored

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